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Our Staff   Raj Rughunanan (Calla and Sandersonia)

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Green Harvest Pacific Ltd is an importer of seed plant and bulb material from a number of countries around the world. We also breed, produce and export our registered varieties of calla bulbs. Export of Sandersonia and Gloriosa tubers is an integral part of our business.  Situated in Auckland, New Zealand near the International Airport, Green Harvest was established over eight years ago to service the cut flower and pot plant industry locally and internationally and has undergone rapid expansion since formation.

Green Harvest Pacific Ltd is an independent sister company to FlowerZone Turners Ltd, one of New Zealand's major exporters of cut flowers to the world. These two companies are part of a larger group that offers different services and products for the Floriculture industry These companies include a wholesaler, florist supplies and retailer of flowers along with a growing operation. The group itself covers all aspects of flower growing from importing to retailing and exporting and some associated products.

The policy within these companies is a "one stop shop" for support, information and product to ensure the success of flower growers throughout NZ. The group of companies consists of the following:

FlowerZone Turners Ltd - Exporter of Cut flowers
A1 Flower Wholesalers - Auckland based wholesaler of cut flowers and potted plants.
Griff Floral & Garden - A supplier of florist and grower accessories.
Cartier for Flowers - Well known Auckland Florist based in Parnell.

This year we have developed Quarantine facilities to allow us to bring new and improved material and cultivars into New Zealand. This is part of our ongoing effort to provide the Cut Flower industry with material that is new and exciting and which we see a future for, here in New Zealand

Green Harvest has a number of exclusive agencies/rights for material from around the world including Miyoshi of Japan, Sahin and Preesman in The Netherlands, Comptoir Paulinois in France, Hazera, Genesis Seeds, Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm and Yodfat in Israel, Benary in Germany, Big Sky Ornamental Wheat in The United States, Gerbr Kolster BV The Netherlands, KB ornamental in Australia, Global Flowers in Demark and De Ruiter’s Roses. In addition to this we have other sources in Europe and The Netherlands. We have recently become agents for Polysack Aluminet and shade cloth material from Israel.

Our AIM is to be the best in the Industry and to provide all growers whether big or small with the information that they need. If we do not have a product then we certainly go to all lengths to ensure that we can get it. We provide a one stop shop for all lines of material.

We provide a Free Phone number which allows the growers to contact us for any information that they need regarding our products.

Our Aim is to be the best and we are certainly well on the way to achieving this!